The conduit rights league

Dedicated to the protection of conduits’ civil liberties and the study of their incredible powers.

Think you know the truth about conduits?

About Us

Throughout history, people have demonized what they have failed to understand, and conduits are no exception. In the United States, conduits have been publically demonized and branded as “Bio-terrorists” by the Department of Unified Protection. Every individual with the Conduit Gene lives with the threat of indefinite detention.

Conduits are human beings that stand to make incredible contributions to medicine, technology, and artistic expression. They deserve dignity, freedom, and the opportunity to use their powers for the benefit of humanity.

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Conduit F.A.Q.

  • What is a conduit? Open or Close
    In short, conduits are human beings who possess incredible powers. While these powers may seem supernatural, they actually stem from genetics. Every conduit possesses a gene that expresses a unique protein.

    When this gene is exposed to ray field radiation, the conduit begins producing a protein that allows carriers to absorb, store, and manipulate specific ambient elements from their environment. These elements range from broad natural phenomena, like electricity, to very specific synthetic materials, like asphalt.

    It is important to note that the overwhelming majority of people carrying the Conduit Gene are merely “Conduit-Positive,” have the potential to change, but haven’t yet. Meaning they have no powers and are functionally no different than “normals,” or un-powered humans.
  • What can conduits do? Open or Close
    Conduit abilities vary wildly from individual to individual. All activated conduits can take an ambient element into their body. Most conduits can project the element that they have absorbed. Some can actually change the composition of their bodies to briefly adopt the physical properties of their element. Others can manipulate instances of that element in their environment. The factors that determine which element a conduit will control, or what they can do with said element, are unknown.

    In addition to their elemental manipulation powers, conduits also exhibit extremely enhanced physical capabilities. They can endure and rapidly recover from injuries that would be fatal or crippling to a normal human. This enhanced healing also allows conduits to run, climb, and physically exert themselves nearly-indefinitely, without exhausting standard metabolic reserves of energy. Again, the specific cause of these abilities is unknown, but it represents truly staggering potential for medical science.
  • Are conduits dangerous? Open or Close
    Like all humans, conduits have the capacity for violence. There is no evidence, however, that suggests the Conduit Gene has any affect whatsoever on a carrier’s personality. The assertions that all conduits are inherently violent, lacking in empathy, or mentally unstable, are baseless falsehoods stemming from public fear and misunderstanding of conduit abilities.

    Again, it is crucial to point out that the majority of carriers are unactivated, meaning they have no special powers, and pose zero threat to their communities.
  • How can conduits contribute? Open or Close
    If we could reverse engineer conduit healing abilities into a form of treatment, it would change the landscape of medicine forever.

    Medicine is merely the most obvious benefit. Even more impressive are the implications of their matter and energy manipulation powers. If we could capture the principles behind these abilities, we could revolutionize physics, chemistry, and manufacturing. A conduit’s abilities have utility in cost-effective third-world development and agricultural cultivation. There may even be applications for clean energy production and water purification.

    Finally, there is a great deal to be said for possessing conduit powers. Having such abilities would open a whole new dimension of human experience, enhancing arts, entertainment and self-exploration. Imagine becoming like light itself, or moving objects with only the power of your mind. For the first time in history, truly magical experiences are within our grasp.
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History of the CRL


Stacy Pine

Ms. Pine partnered with educators, business owners, research scientists, and community leaders across the nation to create the CRL and help conduits receive the rights, recognition and simple dignity every human being deserves. The CRL strives to illuminate conduits’ unprecedented potential for good and to help mankind explore this exciting new chapter of humanity safely and happily.

Fighting for the civil rights of conduits who have been incarcerated by the Department of Unified Protection is the organization’s top priority. The CRL offers legal aid and financial support to the families of those who have been detained.

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